What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy, by definition, encourages the body to heal itself. By introducing tiny amounts of a substance (Oxytocin in our case) the body is encouraged to bring itself into balance.

Homeopathy has three basic levels of potency; high, medium, and low. High concentrations inhibit; medium concentrations suppress; and low or minute concentrations stimulate. The two most common designations for these potencies are decimal potency, denoted by an “X” (10) and the centesimal potency denoted by a “C” (100). Most homeopathic formulations are found in a base of purified water, alcohol, glycerin, lactose or sucrose. In this case these ingredients are combined with oxytocin and succussed, (shaken—preferably by hand) up to 100 times.

Classic homeopathic rules mandates that all succession be executed by hand. Though time consuming, and labor intensive this is the only true homeopathy. There are many homeopathic products manufactured by machines and they should be avoided as the magnetic energies from the machinery will penetrate the formulation—in this case is oxytocin—distorting its efficacy. According to homeopathic principles, hand seccussion actually renders the oxytocin more potent and dynamic. It energizes.

So, what is homeopathy, really? Homeopathy is a science of restoring the energetic balance to the body. In the world as we know it, all matter vibrates. Everything. Now think of your body is a chemical and electrical device living in a world in which every molecule that we come into contact with has a vibrational signature: the cloths you are wearing, the cellphone you are talking or texting on, the water you are drinking, the glass or Styrofoam or paper cup you are drinking from; the air you breath, everything, your whole body is being influenced all day and all night by a mass of tiny vibrational signatures. From Trevor Cook, Ph.D. who detected activity at the micro etheric (sub-atomic or deltron) level, to Dr. Emilio de Guidici who discovered minute charges of electromagnetic signals in water, to the German biophysicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig who found electromagnetic signals in homeopathic dilutions so diluted that they should not even be there, we know that we are being influenced by everything, high, medium, or low. High is low and low is high.

The 12 c in your oxytocin accelerator formulation is a low dilution equivalent to 10 to the minus 24th power, which basically means it is lower than the Avogadro’s number (6.0221415 × 1023 ) the number of molecules on a mole or mass unit of material. By going below that number we have reduced the ratios to where there should be no molecular traces of the solution. From a traditional material dose this says this formula shouldn’t do anything, right? Wrong, it is actually very strong. This is because the body responds to the energy signature or vibrational characteristics that have been imparted into the carrier medium. Potencies lower than a 12 c will have a material dose so you are getting trace doses. And the body will respond to it, lifting the dosage higher. This extremely low dose makes it very safe for the kidney or the liver to process. This is why no one has ever been injured by a homeopathic dosage.

Which is also why the FDA has grandfathered in homeopathic doses of 6x or higher as being entirely safe.

When our vibrational characteristics become disturbed, sickness or dysfunction can result. The science of homeopathy is to restore that correct homeostasis.

A metaphor. A tuning fork (a sick body with a bad vibe) has drifted in pitch. When another tuning fork of perfect pitch is reintroduced to it, it will once again vibrate at the proper frequency. Granted, different patients need different combinations of tuning forks for given conditions. But, the homeopathic tool box is very broad. Probably the best affirmations of homeopathy today are the emergence of homeopathic treatments for flu and colds. Drugstore remedies have been proven by market response to be as if not more effective than traditional remedies. Boiron Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief is a homeopathic formulation sold in every chain drugstore in the world because it has been shown to reduce the onset of colds and flu by 50 percent. As these crossover products have proven. In fact, researchers have concluded that homeopathics demonstrate “energies” and that water molecules have a stable, hexagonal, lattice system, like an invisible honeycomb. This “honeycomb” can hold homeopathic “energies” and can change the structural shape of the water molecule lattice pattern. Seccussing, or shaking, the homeopathic product seems to “transfer” the properties of the raw material to the water structure.

Key Benefits of Homeopathy

The benefits of homeopathic Oxytocin nasal spray, and Oxytocin sublingual protocol are:

They are all-natural spray

Safe and effective.

Do not interfere with other medications.

They encourage the pituitary to balance and release oxytocin levels.

The hand succussed.

Continue to work in the body in a “time release” manner, regardless of when you take them.

Over 200 years of research in homeopathy has shown it to create gentile positive chain reactions.