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Here is a small selection of testimonials from happy Oxytocin Accelerator users. Some of these testimonials are from long time users, others are from first time users – either way this should give you a good idea of the impact that Oxytocin can have as a homeopathic solution for what ever it is that you want to improve in your life.

Hi there,
I ordered about 2 weeks ago. My order arrives 3 days after I ordered and I live in eastern Oregon. Thank so much for your professionalism. It means a lot to people like me in rural areas.
Great product. At last I found something that works for me without chemicals. I will continue to order.
Browne, Maryland
My wife has Interstitial Cystitis and she feels better with the oxytocin spray. In addition we have never had such a good time together I feel like we are teenagers again. Gone through one bottle just ordered 4 more will keep you posted on how her IC is doing and if it stays under control.
Oxytocin has made my life a whole lot more pleasant. I am able to be in the presence of other people and not worry about what they were thinking. I take other medication. Wellbutrin and it seems to have a synergistic effect.
Parks, CA
I am extremely happy with the exceptional service I have received, along with the telephone call explaining the effects. I am feeling much better and trying to decide which protocol works best for me. Thanks again!
Lee Ann S.
For many months I have been studying for my real estate broker’s exam. This is an arena in which I am very well versed (with over 37 years experience); however, with all the time commitments and distractions of the nitty gritty, applying the time-energy, lessons, and presentations has been very long and drawn out. After a few days on Oxytocin, I awoke at 2 am wide awake. Rather than toss and turn for hours thinking about what I needed to do in the morning, I arose and began studying my correspondence course. Within 3 1/2 hrs I had read and completed 2 entire lessons -digesting and understanding the complicated material, taking 4 practice tests, and finishing the final exams. Prior to the Oxytocin this had not been possible.

Thank you, I love your products and will continue loving them as the brain waves start flowing.
Jullian B
Fort Bragg, CA
Thanks so much for the informative conversation last week. I just want both you and Michael to know that I am thrilled with the Oxytocin spray. I thought that it wasn't doing anything for me after the 2nd use, but I was in for the most pleasant surprise. Unknowingly, what I usually dread doing, such as getting up and facing myself in another day of unknown, yet to come, events, I found myself laughing and enjoying, even though I still had the same negative concerns before me. Can you imagine that?! This is wonderful medicine, OXYTOCIN. And what is so good about this medicine is that you have to work with it. It does not let you become lazy, like smoking pot, and going on cruise control. You get to know yourself, and to be kinder to yourself. It is a very personal experience. It feeds the whole body mind system, and then the door opens up to yourself that you never knew. Imagine! I have been trying to get to know myself since I was a young girl, and wondering why I could not. Whoever is creating this medicine is very special, just as the people who sell it are. I really am excited about living and discovering who I am. This is so unbelievable. I need to add that I did not smoke pot until my 40’s. I was so desperate to find myself, and thought this would work, but though enjoyable, relaxing, it did not open the door to myself like people suggested, and I found it to be very expensive and unhealthy for my lungs, so I quit. If I had not been trying to find a solution for my daughter’s drinking problem, I would never have found the HBC Protocols. ” Give and you will receive,” the Word states, but who would have thought it would come back to me this way? It causes me to weep so gratefully. I just pray that the change that happens to me will be such a sight, that she will try these wonderful life-giving medicines.

God Bless you Chris and Michael and everyone else over there. Thank you!
Cissy Nobbe
Acting on the advice of a colleague, I acquired a bottle of a sublingual oxytocin). Frankly, I really wasn’t expecting much. Was I wrong! After a couple of weeks I can say that my experiences with it been both profound and subtle. I feel that it has greatly increased my mental, spiritual, and emotional awareness. It has, I believe, blended a bridge and connection between the higher planes of creativity and consciousness and facilitated manifesting that energy into the physical.