The Basics of Oxytocin

Directions For Use

These simple directions are all you need to get the results you want from Oxytocin Accelerator.

Dosage: Up to four sprays per day, under the tongue, preferably not around food. Medical studies show a small amount of oxytocin taken at frequent intervals works better – this also one of the basic principles of homeopathy.

Oxytocin is released in many organs in the body including the ovaries, testes, pituitary, eyeballs, and many more. As effective as it is, it is just a tool for behavior modification. You must participate in your own long term release! This accelerant is a tool for behavior modification. Here are a few ways for you to (after a few sprays) support yourself in increasing your level over the long term.

  • Looking deeply into someone’s eyes.
  • Touching hands or flesh for 20 seconds or longer.
  • Making love
  • Singing. Alone or to someone else.

Benefits Of Oxytocin Accelerator

Oxytocin Accelerator helps improve and maintain your healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Homeopathy is a science of restoring the energetic balance to the body. Homeopathy, by definition, encourages the body to heal itself. By introducing tiny amounts of a substance (Oxytocin in our case) the body is encouraged to bring itself into balance.


Oxytocin helps you to make quick appraisals of tiny human behaviors and environmental variables. Oxytocin inspires safety. It motivates us to build trusting social bonds by rewarding us with a good feeling.

The brain’s fear response center (the Amygdala) relaxes when oxytocin spray is administered. Oxytocin is a unique hormone. Vastly different from other hormones in the body.

Oxytocin has been successfully administered to humans to erase cancer pain, low back pain, and bowel pain from irritable bowel syndrome.

Oxytocin is so effective at supporting the amygdala – the brain structure which controls all aspects of social, emotional and sexual functioning – that it actually helps us to forget negative experiences.

Oxytocin, nicknamed the “cuddle chemical”, renders a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and it has a very specific and measured effect in social situations.

Experience Life More Vividly

Oxytocin Accelerator will help you experience life like never before