Oxytocin For Men

Though men do generate oxytocin, they don’t match the production levels in women.

Men can easily release small amounts of oxytocin into a woman (increasing her “rush), thereby creating more of a bond between them. But, it is harder for women to release oxytocin into men. Men, you don’t have to have a child or an orgasm to release oxytocin within your brain and body. You can instantly support oxytocin release without having to meditate or talk or even smile. Oxytocin AXxcelerator is the first homeopathic nasal formulation designed to support oxytocin and testosterone, dopamine, and endorphins release. And it’s all wrapped in a base of RNA/DNA for fast, natural uptake and sustained release.

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Women release oxytocin when they talk. Men don’t. They feel just as obligated to ignore the talk and get down to the business of serving themselves. The theory is that, in the early stages of evolution, Cro-Magnon men and women didn’t have monogamous relationships. When a man was horny, he skipped the small talk and pretty much took whichever woman he wanted. He wasn’t interested in chatting with her about the kids, a sale at Macy’s, or her orgasm—let alone her nipple orgasm. He would fundamentally rape her and roll over. (Modern man is still wired to do that).  The feeling of indifference and fatigue modern man projects after sex is etched in his DNA. Despite this, men are not totally without hope. Oxytocin can render them more civilized. All it takes is a little bit of will.

Nasal spray makes men tune in to the others’ feelings. According to a new study of 48 volunteers, a nasal spray containing oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” can make men more in tune with others’ feelings. A team of German and British researchers found the spray made men just as empathetic as women, and boosted the ability to learn from positive feedback, which could help with behavior therapy in conditions like schizophrenia. A naturally produced hormone, oxytocin is known to trigger labor pains and promote bonding between mother and baby.

It also plays a role in social relations, sex and trust. In the study previously mentioned, half the men got oxytocin and half got a placebo. They then looked at photographs of images like a crying child, a girl hugging her cat, and a grieving man, and asked about their feelings. Those who got the spray had higher levels of empathy, usually seen in women. In another experiment, volunteers were asked to do an observation test and got an approving face if they got it right, and an unhappy face if wrong. Those who got the spray responded better to facial feedback.

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