What Is Oxytocin?

Adult Nasal Spray

This Oxytocin nasal spray formula is engineered for fast acting powerful results

The nasal spray protocol is comprised of the following:
Oxytocin 12x, Testosterone 30x, RNA DNA 6C 12X Endorphins 12x, Dopamine 12x/16x, Silicea 12x, Aspartic acid 6x, Glycine 6x, Proline 6x, Glutamine 6x, Isoleucine 6x, Tyrosine 6x, Cystine 6x, Natrum Muraticum 6x, Kali Posphoricum 6x, Rhodiola Rosea 3x, Purified Water. You will be surprised by the amazing results that you will experience in a short period of time.

Sublingual Formulation

The easy to use sublingual liquid formulation is perfect for persons of all ages

The sublingual liquid formula is comprised of the following:
Oxytocin 12c, Muriaticum 6x. Kali Phosphoricum 6x, Silica 12X, 20% alcohol and 8% glycerin, aspartic acid, isoleucine, glutamine, proline, glycine, tyrosine, tyrosine, cysteine in correct percentages and potencies that facilitate oxytocin release without side effects. It is hand succussed to render the combination more potent and dynamic.

What is Oxytocin Hormone?

Experience Life More Vividly

Oxytocin Accelerator will help you experience life like never before