Tim Cook, Apple, Oxytocin, back Taxes and the IPhone: Sometimes doing the right thing happens also to be the best business move.

September 06, 2016

Whether he knows it or not, Tim Cook’s ties to oxytocin run deep. He does so by channeling a vision of confidence, trust and inclusion among his 100,000 + employees worldwide. CEO of the most valuable corporation in the world, Appleville’s 141 billion dollars in iPhone sales this year alone has rendered the company 232 billion dollars steep in Irish banks. So, why does the European Union say that Apple owes $14.5 billion in back taxes to them? It is not the purpose of this blog to address that.

Okay, so Cook loves Ireland and Ireland loves Apple because Apple employs six thousand Irish men and women. Still, $14.5 billion is a drop in a bucket for a company with a bucket filled with $232 billion, no? Mr. Cook needs to seriously consider talking to his board of directors about #1. Paying that tax bill to the E.U. and #2. Repatriating the rest of that money to the US and paying taxes on it so that we Americans can benefit from the profits of this American company—whose phones we buy, rent, lease, borrow and steal. $232 billion minus $14.5 billion to the EU leaves $217.5 billion. Okay, subtract 38%, the current corporate tax rate in America, $82.65 billion, leaves Apple with $134.85 billion after taxes!

Who has that kind of money lying around after taxes?

Apple’s profitable margins and back tax issues notwithstanding, governing all of those diverse employees from all over the world is not that complicated. With oxytocin running deep in his veins, Mr. Cook leads his corporate team with huge respect for their differences. This is not a rhetorical construct. Every day he literally leaves an oxytocin’ imprint on his employees and his employees, on him. Mr Cook and impresario of oxytocin has managed to monetize like no other company CEO in history. Line Apple’s inventions up: iTunes, iCloud, Apple’s product widgets are designed to make everyday people from every walk in life happy, connected, in love, secure, and more organized than any other service industry in history. Beginning to end, Tim Cook is the master behind a virtual ocean of oxytocin on every continent on earth. Under his aegis Apple is currently inventing widgets that will augment reality in a way that will further change the world as we know it, feel it, and experience it propelling us in to the next paradigm of connection.

Mr. Cook, CEO-O (Chief Executive Officer of Oxytocin) practices what he preaches. This is not symbolic, he tactfully engages, constantly memoing his employees, encouraging them to remain poised when sales dip, and to stay confident in Apple’s long term plan of enriching people’s lives with each new generation of Apple products. Mr. Cook remains intrepid. When everyone is equally invested, even the android folk, a mutual kinetic charge of oxytocin benefits everyone carrying a cell phone. But, where most companies are devoted only to the bottom line, the balance sheet, short term shareholder return, Mr. Cook is driven by his powerful responsibility to his employees, from the Chinese assemblers to the designers, to the marketers and yes, us, his customers, all however many billions of us there are. I am also particularly impressed with how he had the guts to stand in the way of the FBI in the San Bernardino investigation case, refusing to unlock the killers’ phone.

In these days of transparency it seems as though Mr. Cook is doing an extraordinary job of leveraging and balancing the myriad responsibilities of running the most valuable corporation in the world. Now, if he could only open up an assembly plant somewhere in the US and pay some taxes proportioned with Apple’s extraordinary success and responsibility to the country that gave it the opportunity to become such a success, repatriating some of those hundreds of billions of dollars here as well, we could all feel a greater sense of patriotism for this most American of companies.