Olympic Velodrome Cycling & Oxytocin Exceptionalism

August 22, 2016

Ambitious cycledrome riders strive in their souls for perfect team syncopation with three other cyclorama champions gyrating round and round on a banked curve looping perilously close to wipeout, for victory. You are, with no breaks, at all times perilously close to crashing, to hurt, not to mention loss. The fear could be stifling but thanks to days, hours, maybe years of practice and the natural secretion of fear defying oxytocin, you remain calm in the face of terror.

You have invested time technology, got yourself into gear, you look perfect—you do, the whole team, all four of you. Traveling at speeds as high as 53 miles per hour you solidify the rhythm. Round and round the pedals go.

You trust your fitness. Your strength is your symmetry and your symmetry is oxytocin innate. Watch each other. Patience! Don’t do anything different. Smooth, no wasted actions. Stay in line. One wrong move and it’s a bloodbath for all of you. You trust in the plan. You know each other so well. Use each other: four men in impeccable equivalency, pedaling for the podium.

Your teammate’s energy is palpable. You call on your God, Rama the seventh avatar; bid him to release more oxytocin in your veins so you can amplify the harmony. Yes, his greatness, Rama, the Lord and the warrior, Lord of Virtue, ruler of happiness, of duty, of prosperity and justice—send you more oxytocin.

Order is everything. Stay in your place in the train in the lane, into the arms of victory, and some prizemoney. Crank it up. Make it hurt. But, don’t be stronger than your teammates; keep perfect assemblage, balance, oxytocin acceleration . . . 26 unstoppable seconds to go. Turn up the heat.

The team is the thing! You believe in your teammate’s fitness. There is no room for minor discord, all for one and one for all, a single mind of four—wordless cohesion. Giving conviction and getting confidence. You are in perfect mental, physical, almost spiritual understanding. You are capable of pulling off a win.

Ok, this is it—oxytocin exceptionalism—find it in the final turn. Take it to them on the stretch; you have saved the best for last.