Oxytocin and the Chakras

August 18, 2011

It balances and energizes areas of our bodies in areas known in Hinduism as the Sacral and Root chakras. Though not a practitioner of Hinduism myself I cannot help but to acknowledge how their teachings seem to be born right out of oxytocin. For example, the Sacral chakra corresponds to the testes, the ovaries, the adrenals, just like oxytocin. the Sacral chakra governs reproduction, creativity, joy and enthusiasm, just like oxytocin. The Root Chakra involves sexuality, lust, and obsession. It also controls male ejaculation and the ovum the seat of genetic code, just like oxytocin. Blockages in these areas always manifest as psycho-sexual ills. Healthy oxytocin levels induces a vibrational pattern capable of imparting itself into these chakras, helping to bring about balance. Fact: The Sacral chakra is not only the seat of our sphere of desires, physical pleasures and happiness but it is the home of the five senses.