Oxytocin and Bonding in a New Family

July 03, 2011

I recently adopted a kitten that I gave to my girlfriend for her birthday.  At only seven weeks old, the kitten was timid in his new home initially.  Being separated from his mother for the first time in his life, he lost the security of the maternal bond.

Named Houdini for his extraordinary ability to escape any space, the kitten slowly grew more comfortable. With the recommendation of an expert at Oxytocin Accelerator, we began administering oxytocin to the young one and his new mother.  The goal is to encourage bonding and comfort between the two of them. 

This process has just begun, but we are hopeful. The oxytocin will act on both the kitten and my girlfriend, to increase bonding between the two. As time goes on, I will update on how their relationship is growing.