Oxytocin Accelerator
Advanced Behavior Modification
the Hugging Hormone
Improves Trust Empathy & Energy
The Miracle Molecule
Reduces Depression, Fears & Phobias

What is Oxytocin

Homeopathic oxytocin is possibly the best behavior modification tool you will ever need.
Interestingly enough Oxytocin was the first ever polypeptide hormone to be sequenced and synthesized – the Nobel Prize was given out for this historic achievement. Oxytocin is a busy hormone – acting as both an empathy neurotransmitter in the brain and a nurturing, relaxing, lactating, orgasmic love hormone in the body – it wears many hats. It is helpful that the body releases oxytocin in so many organs simultaneously or it could never get the job done. For instance, when we make eye contact oxytocin is released in the retina.

When we hug or touch, or kiss, it is released in the skin, the pituitary and the part of the brain known as the amygdala. When we make love it is released in the testes prior to and during male orgasm and the ovaries prior to and during female orgasm. It is released in the olfactory glands when smelling something pleasantly familiar, in the amygdala when recalling—or experiencing—something unpleasant. Why unpleasant? To help us to lessen and hopefully forget the bad memories associated with the event.

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Oxytocin as a Homeopathic solution

​Homeopathy, by definition, encourages the body to heal itself. By introducing tiny amounts of a substance (Oxytocin in our case) the body is encouraged to bring itself into balance.
Homeopathic Oxytocin is possibly the best behavior modification tool you will ever need. Homeopathy, in contrast to allopathy, (modern western medicine) is designed to forcefully suppresses symptoms of disease. Though often helpful in providing comfort and relief it doesn’t teach the body to help itself, rather it encourages dependence. Homeopathy takes the reverse approach, and strengthens the body’s ability to balance and heal itself. Lean more about Homeopathy (goes to homeopathy section for Homeopathy)

What can Oxytocin do for me?

Proper usage of Oxytocin improves trust amongst you and your peers, social recognition, empathy, drug tolerance, and it reduces fear, phobias and depression.
Oxytocin releases when singing, laughing and when we are very frightened lest we need to defend ourselves. It helps us to identify the correct emotions of others so that we act more appropriately in social situations. Oxytocin supports our generosity, our ability to nurture and bond, to lactate, to experience systemic breast orgasm and team player consciousness.. . . the list goes on and on. But you just can’t take Oxytocin in high doses – that is not the way it is done, and it can damper its effectiveness. Check out the LEARN section of our site for details on why exogenous doses are not effective, and how you can tease out your own healthy level of oxytocin hormone.